Trying to Find Freedom in a “Free” Country…

This past year has had many hits… and the hits they just keep on a coming! There have been the obvious obstacles that people generally trudge through day to day, some people with complaint, while others try to stay optimistic in the hopes that these obstacles only rear their ugly heads temporarily. It seems as though the obstacles we have collided with are much larger than anything we could have ever imagined. It’s no longer the low-paying job, it’s the low-paying job that demands that you stay home without pay to quarantine because of a likely exposure to COVID. It’s no longer only worrying about how the kids will get to school, now it’s worrying how the kids will get an education, when there is no way to access internet, and barely enough money to keep the electricity on. It’s no longer just car problems, now it’s the worry of most travel being banned. The rent being due, even though you are no longer able to work because small businesses can no longer stay open. Churches everywhere were forced to close their doors. What grows in a place of worship? Perhaps all things needed to survive the fear a pandemic brings, faith, hope and love. A place of worship (any denomination) provides a safe place for all people to connect as a collective body to meditate on hope for a better tomorrow. Life, the way in which we had grown accustomed and complacent with was flipped over, tossed upside down, with it’s ass exposed in 2020. Most individuals, regular everyday-joes, have been in a critical battle against most of these “bad situations” in order to survive. Now add on top of all of that the misuse and abuse of political powers.

Some of the things I just mentioned above are all very real effects of Covid-19, and I didn’t even mention the muzzling of the masses with mandatory masks. While these effects have been brutal to many people all across the globe. This is a message to everyone to stay quiet. Well… I can no longer stay quiet.

“Mona Lisa Under Mask Mandate”

A very real disease has infected the walls of our U.S. Government. The symptoms are present, it has created fierce division among parties. Disruption of information with censorship and silencing of any opposing political ideology, are happening daily to quiet them. If this disease remains left untreated these symptoms may lead to more fatal consequences for our Constitution and our once “semi-free” way of life.

“We must use it or lose it!”

I have not yet lived on earth 40 years and within that short time much has changed, but the most rapid changes are the obvious attacks on our Constitution, limiting our given and protected liberties. This has taken place within the past few months, in broad daylight, protected from investigation and accountability under the guise of one political party “creating” more “peace” and “unity”!!!!

I now see most things that are happening within the political realm far from resembling professionalism or acting on behalf of the body of citizens for which it was formed to govern. The current government needs a lesson in humility and service to the people. They are not our masters, but rather in service to the citizens.

The mainstream media should be calling out the moves as they occur, but this is not happening they are working as PR (public relations) operatives to only call out the moves of their approved players ensuring the win. Like a paid-off official calling only the points of the team that paid them. While simultaneously shining the spotlight on any moves the opposing side might make to defend this country then spinning it as racist or unpatriotic radicalism. Well I am normally just your average Jane, working my way through life. Minding my business and taking care of my family. The obvious disregard to the constitution has caused me to embrace my duty as a veteran and a citizen of this nation “under God!” to make others aware of their radical and unethical practices. They are only spinning the narrative to match a specific agenda.

Have a great day folks and remember it is our right to speak freely and to protest peacefully. This is just a small dose of honesty from one American with a splash of my right to free speech! Remember this is supposed to be a free country. Let me know if you find that freedom! I’m embracing mine!

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