Zoom Teaching

I enjoy using zoom for classes. I have received mixed responses from my students. Some love it and some need still need the one on one learning experience.

Zoom will open with proper codes

I know there is more for me to learn to be the best online instructor. I’m just excited when my students are able to log on. It was challenging at first and these enhancements (hurdles) in learning occurred because of COVID. We are still learning how to conquer these obstacles.

Hurdles are always going to be in the way.

I know I’ve heard from other teachers that distance learning is too difficult. I tend to think that we could give distance learning a chance. We haven’t given it much of a chance. Look at the old model of education, it hasn’t been the greatest and how long have we been supporting that?

Is it safe to say that I may not be old school? 😊

Have a blessed day! Enjoy teaching whether it’s face to face or online.

We all appreciate sacrifices.

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