Sometimes things are out of my control! Sometimes they aren’t!

I will be ok. We will be ok! Lord guide us all to a place of peace and understanding. This morning didn’t go quite as expected and that’s ok. Things that were out of my control played out as they will everyday and that’s ok!

God was already preparing me this morning for this change in seasons. Life is a blessing pure and simple. We should all be grateful for the simple blessings we receive each day. I know that he puts us in situations at times to make us stronger and to challenge the love we have for ourselves. I look up to the sky as I do most days and say “Thank You Lord!” Thanks for making me stronger. I do wish at times I could hear his reply, but I feel it. I feel that he is telling me to learn from the situation and be stronger. As I get older I realize this more and more!

God bless you and yours and remain faithful to yourself and to what you have been called to do.

Sometimes things are out of my control. I can learn to live with that. Sometimes things are within my control and those good decisions make me stronger. Stronger in character. Stronger emotionally. Stronger overall.

✌🏻 & ❤️

Have a blessed day!

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