The Ozark’s of Arkansas #myannualbdaypost #finally40

The birthday, that says to the world “over the hill!”

I do take things quite literally, so I laced up my hiking boots, traveled to the Ozark’s of Arkansas with the fam, and we hiked their mountainous trails. First of all, what stunning scenery.


I can truly say that getting to this point in life isn’t really “over the hill.” I now understand I’m mid-climb, and I also know I’m still climbing! The point of living is knowing there is still so much more to climb, and the beautiful discovery of self is in realizing the unique gifts God has given to you during the strenuous parts of the climb, not only to ensure that you make it to the top, but to bring as many people with you along the way. Which means to me… don’t get in anyone’s way, don’t intentionally hurt them along their personal journey, lift other people up with encouragement, and guide them and make them stronger with truth.

Things I’ve learned in this last stretch of my climb…

Loving God is really important!

Loving yourself is really important!

Loving your spouse is really important!

Loving your children is really important!

Loving your neighbor is really important!

Loving honesty is critical for growth!

Loving peace is critical for your soul!


When you ACCEPT His blessing, His mercy, His forgiveness and ultimately His LOVE, you can truly start to utilize the gifts he has created in you, for you and for others on a daily basis.

You are a gift to the world!

This acceptance brings profound meaning to your climb. I know it has brought much meaning to mine. The instant that you realize you haven’t been climbing to reach the top for yourself, but to show others the way is the moment your steps become less heavy, the weight is shared among all of God’s people. We were meant to help one another… not cause each other to sink into the burden of sin. The Lord has been working on cutting away the parts of me that aren’t working for His will, and I am certain that following God’s way is the only way! 🦋

I’m praying many find this narrow road!
🥾🥾Forest Trail #1🥾🥾

If I were to look at the rest of my life as a downhill coast… I believe it would lead to an early grave. I’ll keep my aim on high places. The mountain I’ve been placed on may peak at a greater elevation point than the hills most people my age complete by 40. Lord knows I’ve been climbing. I’m not done yet! Hallelujah!

40, feels fine… A little bit like 39!”~ M. Clonch

20X2 or 40 🤣

Surviving The Covid Environment, A no B.S. Observation …

(I apologize for the length, but here it is!)

Keep sniffles & sneezes

Away from our work spaces

There seems to be a monster lurking in public places.

Set the scene: The year 2020!

The disruptive sounds of a hacking cough,

Promoting a look of alarm

And the indignant scoff.

(A novel virus enters the scene…) 🦠

You guys remember, our #1 fear!

Homeschooling begins…

Most all schools are closed…


Teachers work from home,

Delivering… instruction


Suicide rates increasing,

our young people deciding,

to die.

Why were they taught,

that this was an option,


The Fauci & friends decided early in 2018

how THEY would beat this thing.

There must be only one remedy

“THE remedy,” will be a warp speed vaccine.

Normally, a process that takes a decade.

With emergency authorization, decisions were made.

I’m sure those “willing” volunteers didn’t hear

Some VAERS reports may contain information that is incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental, or unverifiable. Vaccine safety experts study these adverse events and look for unusually high numbers of health problems, or a pattern of problems, after people receive a particular vaccine.

Recently, the number of deaths reported to VAERS following COVID-19 vaccination has been misinterpreted and misreported as if this number means deaths that were proven to be caused by vaccination. Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem.

~ CDC VAERS Website – ** Why would someone take the time to report a death if it wasn’t directly due to taking a vaccine?🧐

& surprise, surprise, within a year…

Listen everyone, the cure to Covid is here!

It’s safe and effective, get yours today!

Why??? Because you should all do as I say!

I’m the expert! (Expert at avoiding truth!)

Wait no, it’s more like an immune booster, not a cure!

Just take one shot, no…

two shots, now three…

Well hmm, maybe four!

Except the one’s it killed.

A booster & a vaccine card for proof

If you don’t… *Poof*

All things that go against this “scientific situation.”

Will now be tagged as misinformation.

Facebook helps “your content has been removed for a guideline violation.”

Let’s not forget the platform with the blue bird.

Twitter tells their conservative users “you shall never be heard!”

Freedom of speech, (brief pause)

It started with Dr. Seuss, now it’s made it to Dr. Oz.

Taking away credibility of opposing doctors, without proof or cause.

We need new politicians that will honor integrity.

We need less government, immediately!


Year of mandates, 2021

Social distancing, masks, & “vaccination”

Social media no longer a place for debate

No dialectical conversations as of late

No truth or any real data given,

The world deserves an explanation,

WE matter!

Not 75 years from now,

but now!

The people will not just listen & remain quiet.

Or tune in to watch your “mostly peaceful” BLM riots!

Remember citizens, we must all trust their manipulated science

Too many loved ones taken by “Covid.”

Or was it the forced, poor, medical protocols that did?

Or that the vaccine manufacturers are legally protected

“More than 547 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through February 14, 2022. During this time, VAERS received 12,304 preliminary reports of death (0.0022%)

~ CDC VAERS Website

CDC : copied & pasted direct from the website today 2/21/2022 @ 9:38 pm… incase they change it! CNN

The manufacturers no longer held liable.

Deaths and injury numbers, the only data unreliable??? 🧐

Soldiers FORCED to take THE inefficient shot

If not,

They will be dishonorably discharged

Nurses and doctors forced to bare their arms…

Not the 2nd amendment. Bare their actual arms.

It matters not…

That they survived the initial two years with natural immunity

I ask now, that as a community

We stop calling it a vaccine, or pushing this absurdity!

Fear increases… it’s been 2 years now since 2020

Stop calling it a vaccine.

They continue to change all the definitions…

So now…

Man is a woman, woman is a man

Trump didn’t win, it was Joe Biden

Elections aren’t rigged, just so you know…

Be on the lookout for your mail in vote!

People aren’t tired of dealing with the left

Those types of people are just “white supremacists.”

Ukraine’s borders are more important than ours.

Clarify to the people Biden, who is in control of these powers?

Our southern border sits open like 7-11, open all hours

Don’t worry officials, the big guy is documenting your sin.

All of these crimes against humanity!

You still think we can’t win?

I pray for the courage to stop this insanity

Even if you’ve never prayed, begin today!

Don’t take my word for it, open your eyes!

You’ll see the unbelievable amount of lies,

We will tell them that “Democracy is dying” as we continue to destroy it!

For instance this one “if illegals can’t vote then democracy dies!”

Federally, it is still a right given to legal citizens.

Lies churned out by the propagandist machine!

Watch “The News” for 5 seconds and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s not funny! People still do.

Who is this good for? It’s Good for WHO!

And their many large donors.

“As a result, those “buckets” can be misleading. In 2016, for example, FNIH listed eight donors who each gave more than $2.5 million, its top category. But a separate report FNIH filed with the Internal Revenue Service reveals that one of those donors gave $19.1 million. (The filing does not name the donor, but FNIH told Science it was the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, Washington.)”

~… U.S. lawmakers want NIH and CDC foundations to say more about donors
Congressional panel seeks greater transparency from bodies that raise private funds for federal research
29 JUN 2018 (ahead of Covid-19🤔 looks fishy to me… just saying!)

A topic to discuss at depth with educated stoners

These provocative actions against the working people, kicking ass!

No surprise they attacked the workers, they want a dependent class!

We have been so busy, trying to pay off debt & live our best lives!

We didn’t know, we’d have to fight Big Pharma & Big Tech to survive!

Cut em up! All of them!

We will not be forced to just listen to the MAN!

WE listen, learn and lastly WE stand!

Stand against the Tyranny invading our lands!

We will instead fight to keep our rights,

A remedy for destructive behavior, is love not hate!

As so many peacefully protest, guarding the gate

God says now we must postulate!

The attack they have delivered is deeper than greed

What more could these elites possibly need?

A trillion dollars seems to be more than enough.

They want full control. Rules are as such:

• The act of critical thinking, no longer allowed.

• white people are privileged, yes even the down and out.

• 4 year olds should learn about sexual stuff and Critical Race Theory

• If one speaks out against THE Authority…. ————-Label them a racist, or a domestic terrorist!

• Do what we tell you, not what is right or honest!

• The only way to survive this pandemic is to trust that the government knows best!

Truck drivers in Canada knew how to protest,

They did their best to assemble peacefully and waited for mandates to be lifted.

Their government responded by freezing their assets and donations that were gifted.

If you think these hardworking men and women were in the wrong.

You’ve been brainwashed by the extreme Left’s song.

Their leader says Truckers are extreme right!

They are, they are defending their civil rights!

A few trampled by police horses, cuffed and thrown face down in the snow.

Ottawa Protest

Trucks being towed! This is Trudeau!

The picture on the left is said to be Trudeau.

It should not require courage to speak your mind in a “free” country

I contemplate their mess, curious how much longer we will remain “free?”

It does feel good to get this off my chest,

I’ve concluded that this must be our test!

Here are somethings I’ve learned

that might trigger some response

There are the sjw’s, but their cause has been lost.

They’ve put race against race, enticing the hate

Only our culture and traditions are different, not race!

There is only one human race, any other definition = disgrace!

There are two genders, what you choose to do with it after your grown

That’s your business, your decision to own.

Don’t teach our children about sex as you groom!

The most despicable of people may loom.

I’ll speak out now, because there is too much at stake!

The abuse of our youth, remains their greatest mistake!

No thanks Elmo, tell Big Bird “Hell No!”

I fear no man! Only God!

Psalms 23:1-6

1The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

2He makes me lie down in green pastures,

he leads me beside quiet waters,

3he refreshes my soul.

He guides me along the right paths

for his name’s sake.

4Even though I walk

through the darkest valley, a

I will fear no evil,

for you are with me;

your rod and your staff,

they comfort me.

5You prepare a table before me

in the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with oil;

my cup overflows.

6Surely your goodness and love will follow me

all the days of my life,

and I will dwell in the house of the Lord


*Disclaimer, this poem was written as a piece of art and my method of word therapy. Let those that read it, begin their individual journey to seek truth. Deception is present in all directions, more than I have ever observed. I am praying for all people, even those that push these atrocities on our most innocent people, our children. You are not my enemy, but an enemy of goodness. That’s what makes you Evil!*

Need more info to motivate you to do research, look at current world leaders and their connections to World Economic Forum!

Falling in Love With My Authentic Self…

Every year, I find myself evaluating my life’s journey as my birthday approaches. This year will be the last year in my thirties. I don’t think 40 is that old, now that I’m sitting so terribly close to it. I look at all the things I have experienced over the last 300+ days of my 38th year and try to evaluate all the ways I could have been a better person, while quietly celebrating the times I am sure I did my very best.

Looking back I see the mountains I have had to overcome.

Dissolving the lens I once used to look at myself, helped to initiate a sudden series of revelations. Removing this lens allowed an opportunity to meet my true self. At first, I began to see who I had always been. The innocence that I thought I had lost, resurfaced, reminding me that it had never left. The curiosity, I used when exploring my world as a child, gained intensity. The biggest inner transformation occurred when I decided to accept all of my mistakes.

Mistakes are allowed!

I mean all of my mistakes, the big ones, the small ones, the consistent mistakes, and my future mistakes. I forgave myself with the most simple of intentions. I recognized that I was already forgiven, the only living soul without sin, the man with a flawless record, had not only forgiven me, he painfully & selflessly sacrificed his body without deserving any of it. He took my lashings, he bled for me. He wept for me. He died for me.

Worthy of this kind of love & sacrifice.

If he could forgive me, then it would be a “perfect” thing for me to also forgive my past transgressions as well as any future transgressions. I thought deeply about his physical sacrifice, the pain he endured on my behalf. All so that I could be saved, and instead of choosing to live within this gift of eternal blessings, I was choosing to live in the physical pain of sin. He knew long before you & I were ever born that ALL humans would need this absolute forgiveness. I started chipping away the deception I had lived in most of my life. The idea that I wasn’t enough. A lie! The idea that I was not created with a purpose. A lie! The idea that I was set to live out the path my mother had cleared for me. A lie! The idea that I couldn’t be a messenger for God because of my sins. A lie! The idea that my soul was lost or confused. A lie! I began to rebuke the lies. I began to tell myself the truth. I began to love myself, not in a selfish way, but in the way I could finally see my soul as not being perfect, but as a soul that was formed and yet still worthy of His only son’s sacrifice. You are worthy of forgiveness and that was why such a huge sacrifice was necessary, a perfect sacrifice for a multitude of sins.

Covering a multitude of sin…

With a large dose of truth & pure light I began to forgive myself… I noticed that I was no longer just a blossom, but a beautiful bouquet of self-love.

I will write my own story.

This past year has awakened me in more ways than I ever thought possible. Each day bringing new & welcomed challenges, as well as a new level of self-awareness. Becoming self-aware unlocked some deeply buried potential. This higher-level of awareness began to absolve the negative lens I had used to view my life. Looking back now, I can clearly see that this had been the singular lens in which I had been looking through while trying to find purpose in my life. It is difficult to find your truth and your purpose when the view is covered in lies (the negative lens).

Vision blurred by deception.

I became acutely aware of boundaries I had permitted to be crossed and broken, I became aware of my detachment from the meaningful parts of life, and learned of the places in which to apply necessary boundaries. I searched myself for all the pain and injury from my past that I had allowed to reside in my spirit, and began to write eviction notices. I had carried them all for far too long. Childhood trauma, you can leave! You are evicted. I don’t need you. I can take care of myself now, as well as I take care of my own children. (This required a lot of forgiveness and a huge release of carried resentment that I felt as it physically detached from my spirit.) I grieved each time I evicted past injuries. I had to intentionally set aside time to forgive the people that I felt had taken advantage of my kindness, my innocence, my goodness! I had found that I had subconsciously held onto this pain for most of my adult life as justification for my own errors. I had been living life like some sort of weary traveler, loaded down with negative feelings, thoughts and emotions.

In moments of despair, remember you are already saved!

I now have a greater understanding of myself & that there will always be things that I encounter that I will try to hold onto, and I can at times be better served by just relenting my control. If you are like me, you may try to control most things in your life, so to release this control can be very challenging. Learning to let things go can be a painful exercise, understanding that we are unable to direct specific or certain outcomes can be comparable to cutting off one’s own leg. I had to figure out where my ability to change things began/ended. The moment I became aware of myself and the parameters of my influence. I began to better understand and give proper respect to the outermost boundaries of my influence. This helped me relinquish the control I once held onto so tightly. A firm grip is not long lasting. My firm grip would soon lead to the loss of any type of grip allowing moments for everything to spiral out of control. I’d find myself completely exhausted, waking among the aftermath of the storm, I had created.


I didn’t know how to find me, and instead of broadening my search, I kept looking in the same old places. I kept looking for me in other people. No one knew what I was looking for or that I had felt I had been a missing person. It was easier not to explain my search… not to ask who they thought I was? Secretly, I would search my surroundings and people I had been around to find what I alone had been hiding. Who am I? What did I want? What was my purpose?


For the longest time I couldn’t distinguish between the things I’d done to please others versus what I actually wanted. I know I’ve made decisions in the past prescribing to a life that is better for everyone. These decisions however wise, left me feeling proud and yet confused. Some passing moments or events would cause me to question my motives. It was only when I would seek the stillness and the quiet that I could realize my purpose. I’d realize my heart. Some memories swirl tirelessly there. Kept guarded internally, so I can keep them safe. The heart/soul, is a vast container of all that is good, it holds everything that is dear, it also contains and provides love.

My mind can often be confused by the sacrificing of self, (My flesh). It is only when we have removed the flesh can we discover our spirit. My soul will seek to understand His will, my self will seek to understand my own will. When I relinquish control now I do so confidently knowing that my purpose is to fulfill His will and not my own. Remarkably, with this understanding you realize nothing brings greater spiritual fruit. My own happiness grows through acknowledging my spiritual purpose. Love Abides in me and I am in Love with who “I Am”!

🥳 39 years young!

Praying for peace during these uncertain times! Remember, you belong, you have a purpose and know that you are loved! Thanks for reading!

“Under Review” Cancel Culture & Censorship

This morning was a first for me… I posted a TikTok… that I couldn’t share with my brother, because it was “Under Review” it’s now been under review over half an hour, and I am baffled.

I’m pretty sure it is the fact that in it I am voicing that our real opponent in this battle are “powers and principalities.”

Or it could have been the part where I wrote “I have already been to war to bring LIBERTY to those in a different country. Yes, I will protect the freedoms of We The People”

Maybe it was the part that said Warriors, REBUKE greed, insanity, perversion?

You be the judge…

Or maybe it was putting the motto I learned while serving in the Army from my chosen MOS, Chaplain Assistant. “Pro Deo Et Patria!” on the end, which literally means… “For God and Country!”

There is so much power in prayer, praise, and our words that’s why people are being censored! 🤬

Keep praying, stand steadfast be prepared… this is just the beginning.

God Bless everyone!

Producing a YouTube Video

I had this crazy idea a couple of weeks ago to start a series on the U. S. Constitution. I thought it would help me process my thoughts about what is happening in our country & about the importance of the Constitution. This would also offer an opportunity for me to teach the things I have learned. It is, after all, what I do. I do understand now how important it is for ALL of us to be diligent in our duties as citizens. To highlight the importance of our unyielding support and defense of the Constitution. There are worse things I could do with my time…

Upon my 🧐 research I found YouTube videos that explain the Bill Of Rights and videos that explain the history behind our founding documents in more detail. I even enrolled in free online course about the U.S. Constitution through Hillsdale College. You can find that website below.

It has taken a lot of patience to sort through all of the things that we are given upon being born a U.S. citizen, but even more patience to try and understand why someone would want the opposite ideas our founders set out to create for our country centuries ago. Our government and it’s defining documents were given to this country two hundred years ago to help maintain & outline our liberties. Our current population of citizens are divided in this understanding about the true purpose of our government body. We should be working to constantly maintain order among our officials and to always seek an increased understanding of the Constitution . Not to see which side of the aisle should have power. It shouldn’t be a constant battle of “tug of war.” There are only two sides, meaning we may function more divinely within the middle ground.

Know the struggle is real.

Duties and Rights of U.S. Citizens

What I have found…

Our first duty is to be an informed citizenry and make sure that we have our voices heard. This happens through the process of voting for our officials. Local, state and federal elections are all important.
1st Amendment also includes; freedom of Religion. Freedom of the Press, Freedom to Protest (peacefully) & last but not least, a Right to Petition the government.
2nd Amendment:This is one everyone should want to protect, but never use. This was established to fight against tyrannical ideas and government. The Right to bear arms. (Not bear arms!) 😂
3rd Amendment: you will not be forced to house U.S. soldiers in your home. (Even though some of you might like to have Goose or Maverick move in!)
4th Amendment: U.S. Citizens are protected against unreasonable searches of a person’s property.
5th Amendment: U.S. citizens can’t be forced to testify against themselves. (This is why you will hear people that may be asked a self-incriminating question say “I plea the 5th.”)
6th Amendment: U.S. Citizens have the right to a fair and speedy trial. Within this amendment you also have the right to know what exactly you are being charged with as well as access to counsel.
7th Amendment: U.S. Citizens have the right to a trial by jury in federal court.
8th Amendment: U.S. Citizens are protected from cruel and unusual punishment. This also says that you shouldn’t have outrageous fines put on you, unless of course the punishment and fines fit the crime.
9th Amendment: addresses rights, retained by the people, that are not specifically enumerated in the Constitution. {enumerated is a term that may be used loosely to mean any natural or intrinsic rights (such as rights innate to each individual or inherent to mankind) that are without expression or instance of articulation.} Like I shouldn’t “have” to spell my rights out for you!
10th Amendment: It expresses the principle of federalism, also known as states’ rights, by stating that the federal government has only those powers delegated to it by the Constitution, and that all other powers not forbidden to the states by the Constitution are reserved to each state.

Well, I finally finished it… here it is. Enjoy! Episode II

Trying to Find Freedom in a “Free” Country…

This past year has had many hits… and the hits they just keep on a coming! There have been the obvious obstacles that people generally trudge through day to day, some people with complaint, while others try to stay optimistic in the hopes that these obstacles only rear their ugly heads temporarily. It seems as though the obstacles we have collided with are much larger than anything we could have ever imagined. It’s no longer the low-paying job, it’s the low-paying job that demands that you stay home without pay to quarantine because of a likely exposure to COVID. It’s no longer only worrying about how the kids will get to school, now it’s worrying how the kids will get an education, when there is no way to access internet, and barely enough money to keep the electricity on. It’s no longer just car problems, now it’s the worry of most travel being banned. The rent being due, even though you are no longer able to work because small businesses can no longer stay open. Churches everywhere were forced to close their doors. What grows in a place of worship? Perhaps all things needed to survive the fear a pandemic brings, faith, hope and love. A place of worship (any denomination) provides a safe place for all people to connect as a collective body to meditate on hope for a better tomorrow. Life, the way in which we had grown accustomed and complacent with was flipped over, tossed upside down, with it’s ass exposed in 2020. Most individuals, regular everyday-joes, have been in a critical battle against most of these “bad situations” in order to survive. Now add on top of all of that the misuse and abuse of political powers.

Some of the things I just mentioned above are all very real effects of Covid-19, and I didn’t even mention the muzzling of the masses with mandatory masks. While these effects have been brutal to many people all across the globe. This is a message to everyone to stay quiet. Well… I can no longer stay quiet.

“Mona Lisa Under Mask Mandate”

A very real disease has infected the walls of our U.S. Government. The symptoms are present, it has created fierce division among parties. Disruption of information with censorship and silencing of any opposing political ideology, are happening daily to quiet them. If this disease remains left untreated these symptoms may lead to more fatal consequences for our Constitution and our once “semi-free” way of life.

“We must use it or lose it!”

I have not yet lived on earth 40 years and within that short time much has changed, but the most rapid changes are the obvious attacks on our Constitution, limiting our given and protected liberties. This has taken place within the past few months, in broad daylight, protected from investigation and accountability under the guise of one political party “creating” more “peace” and “unity”!!!!

I now see most things that are happening within the political realm far from resembling professionalism or acting on behalf of the body of citizens for which it was formed to govern. The current government needs a lesson in humility and service to the people. They are not our masters, but rather in service to the citizens.

The mainstream media should be calling out the moves as they occur, but this is not happening they are working as PR (public relations) operatives to only call out the moves of their approved players ensuring the win. Like a paid-off official calling only the points of the team that paid them. While simultaneously shining the spotlight on any moves the opposing side might make to defend this country then spinning it as racist or unpatriotic radicalism. Well I am normally just your average Jane, working my way through life. Minding my business and taking care of my family. The obvious disregard to the constitution has caused me to embrace my duty as a veteran and a citizen of this nation “under God!” to make others aware of their radical and unethical practices. They are only spinning the narrative to match a specific agenda.

Have a great day folks and remember it is our right to speak freely and to protest peacefully. This is just a small dose of honesty from one American with a splash of my right to free speech! Remember this is supposed to be a free country. Let me know if you find that freedom! I’m embracing mine!

2020 – Time To Reflect

A ton has happened this past year. It has felt like 7 years rolled into one, which is why I must feel dog tired! (I couldn’t resist. 😂)

Sooo sleepy…

For our family, we have taken on our own home as a remodeling project. We went down to the dirt, worked on the foundation, then built it all back up again.

I have learned several things that I find extremely annoying as living conditions are much more stressful during construction… I couldn’t stand not being able to locate clothes or necessary items to make it through the day. I felt there was no good place to relax in my home. Everyday having a list of chores that needed done in order to show real progress.

Result of this frustration: I minimized my insane wardrobe. It eliminates the time I wasted looking for the “perfect” thing to wear.

It’s about spending time on what matters.

So we worked our full time jobs then came home to complete something, anything… even when we didn’t feel like standing up. There were a few days we let each other off the hook. I’m thinking back now and had I given in on the days I was particularly annoyed there would be so much more work yet to be done.

The result of overcoming this challenge. Self awareness of my capacity to learn new things and push past the discomfort. Being annoyed is an emotion that arrives to warn you that you are in a moment of discomfort, but it will pass.

Accept your emotional self and embrace all the feelings! Understand that you are still in charge of the negative ones as well as the happy ones.

We began initially set on replacing all the flooring. which quickly became installing new windows, new siding, new paint in every room, and reorganizing everyone’s things to only keep what is necessary. The less we have to straighten up the better after all of the intense labor we have experienced over the last few months.

During the upgrade of our home I used the time to listen to audiobooks by Eckhart Tolle, all the while digging deeper into my own construction. Picking out specific moments in my life that had helped to create problems with my mentality and identity throughout life. I listened to audiobooks about “Seeking Happiness” I listened to heart healing sounds at the frequency that intensifies healing. I made many TikTok videos showing the progress only to give it up, after realizing my unhealthy obsession, and put it aside to focus on “real” life. I had noticed an evolution within those long 3 months

The first room we finished!

We are still working and the construction zone is near completion… but my personal work will always be one that is in progress as I want to embrace who I AM in each and every situation. I can practice just being. I haven’t forgotten to appreciate the moments that have helped me appreciate the gift of being alive.

Such an amazing moment that is “NOW”!

Have a blessed day! Love and peace to all!

Lightning Tree

Lightning can strike the same place twice.

A belief of the opposite was fabricated to ease wounded minds.

Here is a tree that has had it’s branches struck countless times.

I now know that it had been under attack for it’s branches grew closest to the sky.

Every passing storm the tree endured the more it cried.

Inwardly it felt so weak; While outwardly it appeared strong

Others looking on couldn’t see that anything was wrong.

It’s only a tree, it should be able to handle these storms.

Now the tree began it’s understanding

That it had been made for more than just a rod for lightning

The tree began to dream of other places. Places that could nurture her spirit.

The tree suddenly realized it didn’t have to absorb all of it.

That the pain it felt always followed the storm’s rage.

Yet, the tree remained, rooted in this toxic soil.

Oblivious to the fact that it was the one allowing it’s turmoil.

The branches continued to grow, ironically… inviting the shock.

The tree tried to forget all of the painful thoughts.

Even though the tree knew the storm would strike again…

The tree tried to ignore the storm’s arrival

The tree had learned this tactic for survival.

The day it decided to move away from the storm’s wrath.

Was the day it realized there had always been a different path.

A path that wouldn’t lead to pain and misery.

The tree decided to leave carrying with her a life full of tragedy.

Seeking her home, a broken heart’s remedy.

The tree searched the earth for it’s new home.

A nice warm place to belong.

The tree found a place and rested in the sun.


Self- healing.

The tree allowed its roots to sink deep into the earth

Feeling that her new place wouldn’t remind her of those painful storms

The tree learned the limits of the storm.

Angered by the tree’s growth, he blasts into a rage.

The tree knew that the storm only had power to hurt her if she chose to stay.

The tree adores the peace that comes from knowing

She chooses the place where she will continue the growing.

Leveling Up Day #2

Working on your home while trying to heal yourself from childhood trauma, is easier said than done. There are only a few things I can think of that might be more difficult from my experience… childbirth or the loss of a loved one.

Life is so precious!

I have been diving deep into the root of most of my problems. I have exposed truths in my life that have caused me pain and I have challenged myself to face them head on. After each revelation and resolution, I experience such emotional and spiritual growth. I discussed this growth with my husband last night. I told him what I’ve learned about loving myself and asked him to try to be kind to me. I asked him to let go of the bitterness he had been holding onto about our past. I told him that to release the negative and toxic energy wasn’t just a benefit for me, but for our family. I asked him these things with a giant ultimatum and the first one I had ever given him. I didn’t expect for him to be filled with such anger, when I said “do these things that I ask, or I’m gone!” I learned during this conversation that although I don’t have control over anyone. I can speak to those that make up my reality as to what I expect in my life. I told him my boundaries, this was an emotional process for me as I’m not always clear with others about my boundaries. I told him I would no longer compromise myself for the sake of other’s happiness. I am worthy of love and happiness. After he told me to just leave several times, I placed my hand on top of his and placed it on his heart, his left hand I grabbed and held it open towards the sky. I asked him to release the toxic energy so he could make room for the positive. During this, he said some things that he needed to say and it caused more conflict. I listened, and as I heard his requests I stood firm in what I will and won’t allow in my life. I know the type of life I want to have is not impossible, and that I must put in the work to achieve it. The hardest decision is the first one, and that is acknowledging that you will always get what you believe you deserve.

The spiritual leveling up and the emotional growth I experienced from standing firm in loving myself may have looked like a baby fawn trying to stand up for the first time, but after awhile it became easier and I began to understand that I only have to accept the things in my life that are sent to me with good energy. If it isn’t sent to me in a way I can accept then I can send it back to the gifter. I would have loved to have had this knowledge and awareness as a child. It is such an amazing game changer for anyone’s life. I hope I am explaining it well enough for everyone to understand.

It’s necessary!

It has never been easy for me to stand up for myself. Believing that in doing so I would be seen as disobedient or too much to handle. I had convinced myself that if I stood my ground no one would be there beside me and that I would be left or abandoned. I no longer feel afraid to be alone anymore, because I can love myself the way I should be loved. I’m no longer looking for love from others but sharing this limitless fountain of love I have found within myself.

Discovering this love has revealed my heart and purpose and it is exhilarating.

For me, loving myself means establishing boundaries for others and expressing to them what I will and won’t allow in my life. It is telling the universe that I am stronger and ready for the next lesson. Realizing that I am the author and illustrator of my story. I can now walk proudly and confidently down my path and know that it was designed for me. Our conversation was definitely an emotional one and I definitely got a good cry in during & after.

Even though the conversation was difficult, it was necessary.

Love yourself 🦋

This morning I woke without an alarm clock at 5:30, and started my morning with coffee and an intense desire to learn more about breaking generational curses. As a child, I was left feeling abandoned from my parents divorce. I realize now I have carried that pain with me for 29 years. I know the peace that comes from letting it go and I want to help others. I also realized that I want to protect my children from this pain and struggle. I know I don’t want to be the cause of this for them and want to shield them as much as possible from unnecessary pain. If I am ever forced to walk away for their sake I now possess this wisdom. This is what was revealed to me in my quiet time. Women hold such a wonderful purpose within the family dynamic. If you have found a wife, you have found a good thing.

“He knew he would need someone soft, yet strong. Someone wise, yet patient. Someone confident, yet brave. So, God put Adam to sleep and created a woman to be by Adam’s side, formed from his rib.” –

“Eve was created as a “helper corresponding to him.” God called her ezer kenegdo. In Hebrew, ezer means helper. Kenegdo means opposition or against — not disharmony but as support and balance.”


My quiet time may have only lasted 30 minutes this morning, but it gave me so much guidance for the day. If you are working on yourself and apply these things in your life. Get ready for the abundance that has been waiting for you to receive it. A most amazing gift we have been given, LIFE. We are about to experience amazing things. Magical and majestic doesn’t have to be things that only fairytales are made of… It can be expected for our reality as well. Set your sights on such things. Prepare yourself for good things!

Back to Virtual learning!!!

In School NEWS: “due to the continued spread of COVID – 19 in our community and an increase of close contact quarantines, all school sites will move to Distance Learning beginning Monday, November 16th and continue through Friday, November 20th. Beginning Monday, November 16th, all students will be expected to complete Distance Learning attendance requirements and classwork daily.

I’ll be excited to get back to my classroom.

God Bless! Positivity & Love being sent to you in abundance!

Feel the warmth of love that surrounds you always!