The Ozark’s of Arkansas #myannualbdaypost #finally40

The birthday, that says to the world “over the hill!”

I do take things quite literally, so I laced up my hiking boots, traveled to the Ozark’s of Arkansas with the fam, and we hiked their mountainous trails. First of all, what stunning scenery.


I can truly say that getting to this point in life isn’t really “over the hill.” I now understand I’m mid-climb, and I also know I’m still climbing! The point of living is knowing there is still so much more to climb, and the beautiful discovery of self is in realizing the unique gifts God has given to you during the strenuous parts of the climb, not only to ensure that you make it to the top, but to bring as many people with you along the way. Which means to me… don’t get in anyone’s way, don’t intentionally hurt them along their personal journey, lift other people up with encouragement, and guide them and make them stronger with truth.

Things I’ve learned in this last stretch of my climb…

Loving God is really important!

Loving yourself is really important!

Loving your spouse is really important!

Loving your children is really important!

Loving your neighbor is really important!

Loving honesty is critical for growth!

Loving peace is critical for your soul!


When you ACCEPT His blessing, His mercy, His forgiveness and ultimately His LOVE, you can truly start to utilize the gifts he has created in you, for you and for others on a daily basis.

You are a gift to the world!

This acceptance brings profound meaning to your climb. I know it has brought much meaning to mine. The instant that you realize you haven’t been climbing to reach the top for yourself, but to show others the way is the moment your steps become less heavy, the weight is shared among all of God’s people. We were meant to help one another… not cause each other to sink into the burden of sin. The Lord has been working on cutting away the parts of me that aren’t working for His will, and I am certain that following God’s way is the only way! 🦋

I’m praying many find this narrow road!
🥾🥾Forest Trail #1🥾🥾

If I were to look at the rest of my life as a downhill coast… I believe it would lead to an early grave. I’ll keep my aim on high places. The mountain I’ve been placed on may peak at a greater elevation point than the hills most people my age complete by 40. Lord knows I’ve been climbing. I’m not done yet! Hallelujah!

40, feels fine… A little bit like 39!”~ M. Clonch

20X2 or 40 🤣

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