Are You Leveling Up In Life?

I’m sure anyone reading the title of this article would want to answer… “Hell yes!” I’m certain of this, because I would also like to answer with a resounding… “Hell Yes!” The truth is, somethings never change. The reason why they never change is we believe that they will never change. Change your beliefs and things will change. Why is that? Your beliefs create your reality. Beliefs are the reason we live the way we live. If we believe that work is stressful, that will not change. If we believe we can’t put the bottle down, you will not be able to stop drinking. If you continue to stay in a toxic relationship your belief of love is that it’s supposed to be painful. Your beliefs create your life. This is my leveling up thought for the day.

“Beliefs can be created about anything & everything in our world.”

Creating a new belief that better serves you can be challenging, but challenging does not mean impossible. I grew up with limiting beliefs, I believe most people do. My dad was doing his best with what he knew or believed to be true. He loves his kids and I know he would do anything for any of us. I see now that the most important thing he could have done for us was to love himself the way he has always deserved to be loved. He believed that our lives being stuck in poverty was what he deserved, so he continues to remain there. Even now I see him struggle. I help him… but the only person who can truly help him is himself. He is an amazing person, but he doesn’t know that. I hope to help him see that someday, I’ve been trying for over 29 years. He survived a difficult home life as a child… being beaten and berated. He had never dealt with that pain & so naturally, he became a man that never dealt with the false statements that were said to him as a child. I know this left him with the feeling he would never be good enough. This belief transferred to me. I get my heart from him. He is truly a selfless human being and I adore him for that, and I also know that he still needs to know his true value and aware of his self-worth.

My dad and my son.

I evaluated my success by other’s happiness. This is a formula for disappointment. I would break my back helping my family to prove I was good enough. This eventually led me to validating the same beliefs my dad still holds to this day. I know I’m not a bad person for believing that for so long. It was my belief because that’s what I was taught. If I decided to do anything based on my own happiness those actions were going to be considered selfish. I couldn’t become a selfish person. We had always said that mom was selfish, because she decided to leave, and that wasn’t who I wanted to be. I had to be the opposite to make my dad happy. I continued to put myself last. I learned how to be the best people pleaser. I believed this was ok.

Leveling up in certain areas might be getting a promotion, buying a home, or maybe just moving into a bigger one, maybe paying off that debt. These are examples of what could change so that one might experience an exterior leveling up, but what I am experiencing and hope to share so others may experience this fully is a broad awareness of now. Awaking to the moments that have carried you to this particular destination. In order for one to level up, you must rise above your own understanding of why your world is made up of the things that are in it. It’s acknowledging the critical patterns and beliefs that creates behaviors that will alleviate you from the things that plague you.

For me it was becoming fully aware of my limiting beliefs. It has been holding me captive and I demand now to be released to experience the things I know I deserve.

In my love life, I will no longer accept what I have in the past. I am not anyone’s trophy or plaything. I am someone who will be treasured and loved with a matched intensity. I will love fully by giving of myself. If that can’t or won’t be reciprocated, I will create the environment where it will be reciprocated. Being kind and loving to myself is not being selfish. Those who truly love me do not want to see me in pain. Those who truly love and trust me will not control me. I am a loving person and I can freely express my love to others without it being seen as evil or deceitful. Love is God, God is love. I will no longer repress the love I have for myself. The old limiting beliefs for relationships that I have held onto are gone. I’m fully capable of loving myself and being completely self-reliant and not feel guilty about it.

My children will see me as a person that will never leave them, but as their biggest support. The best thing I can do is to model self-love and to teach them how to value their unique characteristics so that the world may appreciate and love them with the purest of intentions.

I fully accept the abundance that has been waiting for me to accept it. I accept the energy of having more. More love, more money, more time, more freedom. I hope you will also accept the abundance of good things that are waiting for you!

So much love from my heart to every reader! Life is just beautiful if you believe that it is!

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