Combat Of Black Friday

I am a veteran of the United States Army. Even in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, I pondered how I might be able harm another human being. I had so much trouble with the idea that I’d often say to myself, “it’s me or the enemy!” I never had to assess whether or not I would be able to take someone’s life or injure anyone in order to save my own. Although, I was living close to combat I didn’t have to test my nerve in that way. I can also be sure I wasn’t the only soldier who pondered those very same thoughts, and our reasons for war are suppose to be for honorable reasons; freedom, security, or acting as allied forces. I’m also a lover of the outdoors and often observe nature. I killed a deer once, and understood the reason I pulled that trigger wasn’t to hurt the animal, but to help provide food for my family. Pulling that trigger was necessary in order to do that. Both situations were difficult, as it challenged my internal motives and my beliefs. I would only shoot someone, if I was in danger and I would only kill an animal, to provide food for my family. I watched videos of Black Friday chaos a few days ago and watched it again with my class.

My thoughts… Are these actual people or wild predators? I’d like to see National Geographic do an episode called “The Bargain Shopper” the worst and most dangerous of the species being “The Black Friday Shopper”! What has happened within our society to make us act like animals in shopping centers.

Survey says that around 50% of people who partake in the madness, do it selfishly. Not buying gifts for anyone except me, myself and I. We have become the most selfish and greedy place on earth. To see people trampled leading to multiple injuries and one recorded death… one worker died after being trampled to death because the mob rushed the entry and I guess she wasn’t fast enough to move herself out of the way. Talk about insanity. That is absolute insanity. And for what, why are they acting like this? They are behaving like this for items that will more than likely fill the shelves of a thrift store, yard sale or landfill with the next year. We use, and abuse everything in our society and I want to just say, I’m sorry!

I first want to apologize to my kids. I’m so sorry my loves that you will grow up in such a materialistic world. I’ll try my best to keep you aware of what is necessary to be a good person. Lesson 1:

Let’s agree that Black Friday shopping can be done (if necessary) on Monday during Cyber Monday sales.

Christmas isn’t about gifts, and Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the precursor to the purge! I was completely disappointed in our culture and lack of respect. What will happen if we just decided not to buy their items, but stayed home and enjoyed leftovers and family, not to mention the warmth of our beds at 4am!

I had to vent!

God Bless!

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