Sunday: A Day for the Soul – Part 5


Pink bunches of balloons with pink ribbons that curl

Another year celebrating our epic little girl.

Year one is full of small giggles & coos.

We learn that you love to play peek-a-boo!

Blonde hair and blue eyes, aggressive and strong

How did we ever get a child that’s blonde?

Year two, sniffles and doctors, tissues and shots

Lots of dresses, shoes & toys man oh man do I mean LOTS!

You are talking and singing and finding out your likes.

it won’t be long now until you’re riding a bike.

Year three flew by for all of us, I think

you have grown so much and now I don’t want to blink.

You have so much love and such a crazy imagination

I never knew God could make such a beautiful creation.

Mommy and daddy are Oh, so proud of you!

It seems like only yesterday that you were turning two.

Year four we aren’t ready, but we will smile anyway

Loving you baby boog always… Happy Birthday!





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