A Day Behind… Literature Reviews

books-education-school-literature-48126.jpegI have made it to Chapter 64 in “Choose The Life You Want”  the chapters are delicious bite-size morsels. I enjoy chewing them slowly. I know you will too!

One of my favorites up to this point is Chapter 47. The title explains a lot “Lash Out at Those Close to You -or- Respect Those Close to You.” Summed up it means one person can’t be everything. “No one is perfect, no one has it all.”

I seriously need to remind myself of this, everyday. Not just for myself, but in my dealings with those closest to me. I know that I tend to lash out on those that hold the most intimate roles in my life. “I should instead highlight the traits that I admire and appreciate. Treating the person/s with the love and respect they deserve.”

I also need to do this when dealing with myself. Not expect perfection, but appreciate the traits that I admire about myself. Finally, treating myself with love and respect.

This is a work in progress, it’s very easy for me to forgive others and move on as I expect mistakes from others. Except, I have never been so forgiving of myself. Anyone that has followed my blog has been able to read of my mistakes and short-sighted reactions to life.

I am working at focusing time and attention on important facts when faced with decisions. I have been better at controlling my impulses, after forcing myself to think it through to the end result. This change in thinking has caused me to stop purchasing items that I like that don’t fulfill a need.

This is a short post today, I have stopped reading in the other book… only until I am finished with this one. I felt I should consolidate the amount I was focusing on all at once. I have also had a little bug this week and haven’t felt like doing a whole lot.

Have a great week! BEF9E28D-95F1-4297-AA2B-A4737A1DCA5C

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