Mental Health: Self- Eval Friday (4-20-18)


Yes that is a potato, and yes those are fries. It is “Fry”day, after all! I’m sitting here waiting for my daughter to finish up dance rehearsal. I haven’t been too proud of my physical health this week. Every birthday, whether it be mine or any family member’s birthday I can find reason to justify my terrible eating choices. I haven’t exercised in over two months. I’m starting to see that my mental health is worse when I am not active. I will try my best to include physical activity into my daily schedule next week, and return to my diet plan.

Living with good intentions and living with the intent to be better are completely different. I can say. I went to the restaurant with good intentions to drink water and have a salad and the unhealthy stuff on the menu appealed to me more so I ordered that instead. OR- I can go into the restaurant and say this option would be better for me and order that to reap the benefits of your intent. When we have a reason or purpose we tend to stay a bit more focused on the small goals it takes to meet those goals. I need a good goal to get me back on track. I know that eating better and adding exercise will help my mental health as well.

(Article highlighted gives reasons how exercise helps mental health)

Eating Healthy

The thing that I hope to have accomplished by Sunday is a dream board that will give me goals to accomplish within a year. I will post pictures of my dream board, I feel  this will give me the motivation that I need and desire right now.

Our lives are defined by ourselves. Our attitudes and our beliefs determine our futures. I don’t want the reason I don’t reach my goals… to be from one reason-that I didn’t have a good attitude.



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