Easter Eve 2018


Happy Easter! We have made it to our first holiday since starting my blog. Sadly, this is another big holiday that has been super- commercialized, and the meaning of Easter means buying chocolate bunnies or marshmallow Peeps. I feel that the real reason behind a tradition is seldom taught anymore. I think I will start teaching my kids something before the egg hunt. Hunting for Easter eggs was always my favorite thing. I liked it more than Christmas as a child. I could usually find a few prize eggs, and one year I believe I even found the most eggs of every egg-hunter, which meant a huge prize! I loved it! I love the plastic eggs that break open to reveal a treat or some cash! I love seeking out the egg. Adding it to my basket then running off to find even more lil beauties decorating the front or back of someone’s yard!

The real reason for Easter! What are the traditions we carry out on this day and why.

Attending church… why is attending church important for some followers on Easter Sunday?

Why go to church on Easter?

The resurrection celebrated on Easter Sunday. He arose from the tomb. Who else has ever felt shut inside a tomb, curious of when the rock would be removed. I had a huge boulder blocking the door of my tomb. The only one strong enough to move it was Jesus Christ. I didn’t step out of that tomb perfect, but I did step out of it forgiven and new. Thanks to our Savior, Jesus!

“He was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification.” Romans 4:25

This sentence about trespasses and justification makes me think of real-life relationships and how often we trespass against each other. I could probably find a way in which I am guilty of doing this daily.  With BPD – knowing boundaries is difficult and understanding how to deal with people once you have trespassed and  then guilty of hurting someone whether it be their feelings or their pride or maybe even both the way to repair or mend that is often difficult to find. I had such an instance today. The past came back to bite me. Things that I said, things that I did hurt my husband. I have a hard time showing empathy and so I get upset. I cry and then I say “I’m sorry for not being able to handle this better. I’m sorry for not knowing what to do!” Trespassing is easy. It is done with little to no thought or consideration of anyone but ourselves.  To have trespassed repeatedly against someone and then to have them raise you up with justification- meaning your innocence is justified knowing this is absolutely incredible. We aren’t fully equipped to be that forgiving as humans. but thankfully or Lord and Savior is! It’s almost beyond my ability at this current phase in my life, but He is teaching me to find my weakness and realize that those can be made stronger through Him. Praise Him! I’m thankfully that he is always there for me!

Happy hunting eggs and have a blessed Easter!




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