Yard sales for days


I may have a problem! I shop, I shop impulsively. I shop for occasions. I love to shop for myself, and well for anyone that appreciates my “finds.” The only upside is that I mostly shop clearance racks or thrift shops. It’s part of the high. My retail therapy. I’m trying to lay off of this impulse-driven addiction. I’m trying to limit my impulsive acts.

I find that telling myself that I’m saying “yes, to organization” makes it somewhat easier for me to put the clothing item back on the sales rack, no matter how little it costs. I seem to feel the need to give a nice loving home to those gently used items of clothing. I’m like a clothes hero. Ok so maybe I’m not! I can just convince myself that just about any of my actions are good. So instead of saying “Yes to the dress!” I’m going to say “Yes to organization!”

I pulled 7 large garbage bags full of clothes from my closet to sale at my yard sale. I probably still have two large bag fulls left hanging in the closet. I’d say I have been committed to this compulsion for a while.  I am also a little ashamed to admit that I have two yard sales a year and usually donate items to Goodwill once the sale is completed. My retail therapy has gotten a little out of hand I’d say. This yard sale I gave three bags to a family that needed them and was still able to have plenty of items to sell.

BPD will not win. My brother told me to look into VA compensation for this. I’ll do that this week

I am exhausted!

Good night!


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