Working Outside

Today we moved little rock, medium rock, and some landscape bricks.  We are redoing the back patio and doing what we can to revive our backyard, we also plan on selling what we no longer need in order to raise the money for our state taxes this year.  It is pretty crazy that we owe the state so much money after shopping as much as we do, and after knowing the amount we pay out of our paychecks.  I like the idea of getting rid of the things we don’t need to pay off this debt.  So far we have raised $310.  I’d say it is a win-win.  Living in a cleaner and a more beautiful place while also raising the money to pay for our taxes.

My husband and I do make a great team on projects.  It is like we both move in unison as we are focused on a single purpose.  We clean the inside of the house all the time.  Although, I feel like our team-work is more easily seen when we work outside.  The evidence of our work is more obvious, not just from our sweat and blistered hands.  It is shown in a beautiful finished product.  Today we managed to move rocks and place them around our two-tier raised beds that surround our storm shelter.  We are also moving the rocks away from our back deck that is in between our house and detached theater room, so that we can start the beginning stages of connecting the house to the theater room by Fall of next year.

I was up early this morning and made healthy waffles and a batch of pancakes for the kids.  The waffles were delicious, the batch of pancakes could have used a bit of help I guess, since the kids didn’t finish them and even said they didn’t like them. I guess I will have to try harder next time.  🙂

I was able to watch my show “Mindhunter”  while working away in the kitchen.  I did the dishes, and cooked.  It was a good morning and finished 2 cups of coffee and was unable to finish my waffles because I became full pretty quick.

I cleaned up the cabinet and the utensil drawer and pulled out the items for the yard sale and organized the things we are keeping.  I like the idea of being organized and only keeping what we need so much more than living in a home in constant disarray.  I know that simplifying will be a wonderful thing for us.

I also decided today that I will start keeping a good schedule for my kids to follow each day.  I know they will function better with some set boundaries and I also want to assign chores and let them earn allowance every month.  These are things I have always wanted just never followed through with for some reason.

I am excited that tomorrow I get to go to town with my hubby so he can meet with a director about possible drone work he will be doing for a movie.  We will get to eat lunch after and I am thankful for the couple time.  we have been doing lots of family time and while I see both as important.  It will be a great day tomorrow. Today was a wonderful day.  I love my family and my life.  I am working everyday to show them how much they mean to me.

Yesterday my Aunt, aka my moms sister sent me a text message, basically saying that I need to include my mom in my life.  The crazy thing is, I have only asked my mom to be patient and to work on positive ways to be there for me.  She needs to know that she was too involved in my affair and supporting my affair and divorce from my husband for everything to just go back to being hunky-dory.  I could tell that my mom had been playing the victim for my aunt so I said just that and told her what my diagnosis was and that I was seeking help.  I told her that I also feared that my mom has been dealing with this same mental disorder and has been unwilling to seek professional help in order to see how this changes us.  How we can make huge decisions purely based on how we feel in that moment.  I hope she hasn’t given up on herself and that someday she will also seek help.

Good night!

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